Valerie "Hollow"
"I don't have a real name, 'Valerie' itself is a codename" - Valerie







Character class



The Alliance, SI:7


SI:7 Agent


Stormwind, Elwynn forest


Alive... sort of



"She either joins SI:7 or she is executed."

- Rose on Valerie's choices.


The small albino girl appears to be to all around her normal. Small in stature, curvy in figure with a fairly average bust, she doesn't appear out of the ordinary until you take into effect a deep looking scar that runs all around her neck and the lukewarm temperature of her skin. It is only when fighting her that her more monstrous side shows itself, she shows no pity, remorse, or any emotion while pounding her target with relentless almost supernatural strength. In actuality her strength is literally her full strength, a feat few living humans can manage due to their brains restricting them to around a third of what they are capable of.

Personality wise the girl is rather dull. Unemotional, calculating, intelligent, and cold to almost everyone around her. If it wasn't for her unusual quirks of despising shoes, and a so far unseen adoration for anything small and cute she would appear to almost be robotic.


There isn't much to say here, her past is a mystery to even herself. When she was first met by Elera when the other woman had infiltrated a gang of presumed kidnappers she didn't even have a name for herself let alone a capability of speech. She was simply an experiment to create a stronger human by an eccentric, and clearly mad, scientist. He had succeded to a degree in this feat however it had left his altered human an emotionless and memoryless husk of a human who only had a great deal of intelligence, a vague glimmer of magical power, and mostly a monstrous level of strength caused by the lack of her strength being inhibited by her brain.

After being recovered along with the rest of the kidnapped victims and due to an unusual ability she possesed (Allowing her to absorb information from anyone she stares at which first granted her speech after learning common from Elera) she was eventually forced into either joining SI:7 who could use her ability or be executed for her knowledge of a portion of SI:7's secrets.

After a few days within the branch she was assigned to she had read and memorised the entire archives stored in the branch's safehouse and had suceeded in giving a veteran member a bad limp during a sparring match in which it turned into a match of raw power against experience and skill. A few days later after recovering from the fight (having damaged nearly all the muscles in her body from overstraining herself) she sparred another member of the branch reaching a crushing defeat of the night elf member whilst restricting her blows to the torso but still catching Raisa off guard with her freakish strength.


  • As mentioned above adores small cute things, like teddy bears and fluffy kittens.
  • Took the codename 'Hollow' because of how she felt she was a shell with nothing within.
  • Fears shoes primarily because the scientist didn't want her escaping and made her fear them by claiming they devour feet.
  • Unfortunately for him, he did not forsee the girl also possessing stronger skin after his experiments allowing her to run around barefoot upon stone or wooden floors without fear of harming her feet.
  • Is secretely creating a table of the branches strongest agents and measuring their strengths from a sparring match with herself. So far Ken is the only one above herself.